Direct market access

Transparent prices

Increased earnings

Secure trading

Commoditrader is a digital trading platform enabling direct and efficient trading of agricultural commodities. Get instant insights and cover your position at transparent market prices, trading directly with other market actors, both locally and across borders.

Plenty of valuable features

When digitalising the trade of commodities, you will extend your reach wider and engage directly with buyers and suppliers, farmers, feed producers, mills, trade houses, etc.

Fast onboarding

Create a profile in just a few minutes and after succesfull validation by the Commitrader team you can start trading.

Avoid intermediaries

You will be able to connect directly with producers, suppliers and buyers for a more streamlined trading market.

Get better prices

With a broader reach and direct contact you will have access to more competitive prices and in return see higher margins when trading.

Get a quick market overview

Our marketplace is designed for you. Therefore we have med it possible to segment and personalize your view

Keep track of contracts

All historic and current trades will be stored in your profile for easy management of deliveries and settlements

Book transport

Request an offer for logistics and a certified logistics partner will make sure you get your goods, when you need it, at a desirable price

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