“If you come from the outside and don’t have in-depth knowledge of agriculture, it can be easy to think that the farmer is still this straw chewing man in the field. If you come to Agromek 2018, it is clear that this is definitely not the case. Farming is in rapid development – a rapid technological development. There’s robots in the barn and sensors on the field, and every day the farmer handles digital solutions and technology. The only place not digitized is actually the trade of agricultural commodities. Therefore I would like to introduce Commoditrader – the new digital trading platform for agriculture.”

At this year’s Agromek, Commoditrad’s co-founder Julie Karl Koch had the honor of speaking at Speakers Corner. Here she unveiled the details of the Commoditrader marketplace, and the functions and services all players in agriculture can look forward to. Watch the video yourself and gain more insight into Commoditrader and the future of digital ag trade.

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