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FAQ - The marketplace

We recommend that you search the marketplace and look through the price insights to get some idea about where the market is at. Try not to dream too much when setting the price, as you will never be entering a trade if you do not find someone who is willing to agree on the price you set out.

It depend on whether you are willing to provide the logistics to the trade – if you are, we are ready to help you with that.

If you are a seller taking care of the logistics, DAP or DDP will most often be the right choice.

If you are a buyer collecting the goods, most often FCA will be the good choice, as it will leave the seller with the responsibility of loading your truck.

We recommend that you always trade on a standard contract. These contracts are typically equally fair for both buyer and seller, and if something goes wrong, the arbitration process is clearly outlined.

If you do not find what you are looking for on the platform, you can easily upload one as you prefer. We recommend that you always trade on a Gafta, Fosfa, Copenhagen Contract, or similar.

Trading will always be connected with payment risk – doesn’t matter if you are trading via normal channels, or via a digital platform. However, the world of digitalization opens up for new possibilities.

We have partnered up with one of the world’s largest credit insurance companies to ensure your payment. All users on the platform are credit checked on a daily basis by Euler Hermes, why you can add a credit insurance to your trade as easy as clicking your mouse. -And the cost is less than 1% of the traded value.

FAQ - Segmentation matrix

No they cannot. But if you choose to both show prices on the segment and as normally, everyone will be able to see the price set for all.

You can segment on user type, on geographical distance or on specific user names. It is up to you how you set it up.

Unfortunately not yet, but we are working on it 🙂

FAQ - Message center

If you enter their name in the message center, you will find them if they are on the platform.

Alternatively, you can find every user on the user map, if you are a premium subscriber.

Yep, either you contact them through their active listing on the marketplace, or you just search for them on the user map, and send them a message (you need to be a premium user to view the user map).

In the message center, you will find a small indication on whether your message has been read on the below right side of the message.

FAQ - Market insights

The market insights is provided by partners, you can read more about our insights partners in services.

The market prices are a mix of prices directly from the platform and from our trading team. the prices are updated continuously throughout the day.

No, the market prices are for information & insights purposes only. The prices are offered to you to make sure you have all the necessary information to make trade decisions.

The futures prices are coming directly from Barchart solutions, who we have a technical integration with. The prices are 10 min delayed and updated throughout the day

FAQ - Credit insurance

One of the world’s largest insurance companies, Euler Hermes, has developed the digital solution with which we have integrated our platform. We are regulated as insurance brokers throughout Europe.

When you, as a seller, either submit a bid or receive a bid, you will be offered insurance just before you confirm the bid. Simply tick the box stating that you want to buy insurance and that you agree to Euler Hermes’ terms of insurance – when the deal goes through, the insurance is activated.

There are a number of things that apply for the insurance to be offered:

  1. Credit must be given in terms of payment on the listing/bid
  2. There must be a maximum of 180 days from trade and purchase of insurance to delivery of the goods
  3. Buyer cannot be rated critically low

Euler Hermes has an automated algorithm that takes into account the buyer’s credit rating, the size of the trade and the market risk to calculate the right price. The price will be offered at max 1% of the traded value.

FAQ - Commodiratings

Yes, if you are a premium user. Find yourself on the usermap and click to view your profile, here you can see your ratings, listings and company information.

The short answer is no. The ratings are there to give insights and full transparency and all users have their ratings shown on their profile.

No. You are not able to change your ratings but if you believe that another user has rated you unfairly please get in contact with support, who will follow up with both of you to make sure the ratings are true and fair.

FAQ - Commodifreight

You can only see prices for one at a time. Add your addresses under My account and then pick the address in the top right corner on the marketplace

That is completely fine. You will always be able to see the calculated prices on the marketplace but you are not forced to book the freight through the platform. You can easily confirm a trade and just handle the freight yourself.

Yes you can. You can add your own freight rate in settings and then choose that rate as freight provider up in the top right corner on the marketplace. Actually, you can add several price lists, if you have more freight providers you are normally working with.

FAQ - CommodiBoard

You can create a post for anything you want. As CommodiBoard is mainly visited by farmers it will make sense to keep it farmer related 🙂

No. This board is for anything else then grains and raw materials. All grain posts should be posted on the marketplace. Learn how to do that here

You can see all posts on CommodiBoard, without being a user on the platform. However, you need to create a user in order to create posts, comments and bids yourself.

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