The complexity of the commodity trade requires a number of complementary functions. Commoditrader enable you to identify and track price developments and establish contact with trading partners in both Denmark and abroad.

With Commoditrader you get a number of features that ensure you efficient and safe trading.

Globalization has lead to cross-border trading, and new transactions have been made possible by the Internet. Digitization and technological progress are still being rolled out over more and more industries, but large parts of agriculture needs to benefit from that development. Commoditrader wants to change that.

Logistics and commodity price overview

By including price estimates on logistics directly in the marketplace together with both physical and future prices, you get better market price insight.

Price segmentation

Send your listings to the open market for a higher reach, or segment your prices into specific audiences.

Multiple periods and prices

Through an intuitive price management matrix you can easily add, change and delete periods and prices for different segments.

Credit ratings

Credit ratings increase insight and ensure validation of trading partners. Show your own creditworthiness, and see others before trading.

Time-limited prices and listings

To ensure flexibility and credible data, we ensure that all bids and listings on the marketplace have an expiration.

Chat with your trading partners

With the chat function you can continue the good communication with the buyer or seller – only easier and more efficient.

System against fraud

Commoditrader continuously monitors and discourages suspicious users and listings to prevent fraud.

Keep track of contracts

Your contracts are safe with us. All active and historical contracts are stored on your profile and are only visible to you.

Customer services 24/7

You can always contact the Commoditrader team by email, chat or phone if you need help using the platform.

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