Getting instant access and insights to users on the platform and push your listings to make sure you get the best prices in the market right now.


Increase relevancy →

Filter the users you see on the map so you only see relevant counterparties. You can filter on users or on listings – remember, even the users without listings can be reached through CommodiConnect


Find counterparties →

Zoom and move the map to cover your trading area. When you have less that 350 users in view, you can explore more information on these. Click to see their production and trading information


Nudge to receive bids

Reach out to users. If their production matches your trading needs – there is a high chance of getting a bid on your listing. Also, you can click to see their profile or contact them in the message center to uncover trade interest

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Learn how we embrace ratings to uncover trade risk and counterparty uncertainty

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Message Center

Learn how to keep communication aligned with bids & contracts

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Price Segmentation

Learn how to control and target your listings and prices on the marketplace

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