With the sophisticated algorithm behind CommodiFreight, you are now able to see the final prices from silo to silo, on all listings on the platform.

Choose freight rate

We have partnered with reliable freight providers in each market and deliver final freight prices delivered to your trade address from all listings on the platform

Do you have your own truck or good freight partner? No problem, add your own freight rates in your settings and they can be applied on the marketplace

Compare prices

Selling FCA (collected)

Contractual price
Price (incl. freight) 

The contractual price is to be paid to the seller. You are responsible for freight and can see the full price below in grey.

Selling DAP (delivered)

Contractual price (incl. freight)

The contractual price is to be paid to the seller and will include the freight cost. Seller is responsible for freight.

Buying FCA (collected)

Contractual price (incl. freight)

The price is to be paid to you as seller. Buyer is responsible for the freight.

Buying DAP (delivered)

Contractual price (incl. freight)
Price excl. freight

The contractual price is to be paid to you as seller. You will be responsible for freight, why we show you the excl. price for comparison.

Book freight

When you have completed a trade where you will be responsible for collecting the goods, you can book the freight with just a click of a button. Click to book and you will be contacted by the freight provider directly to ensure all details are aligned

Manage deliveries

Delivery agreements will ensure full overview and agreement between traders & the freight provider. As a buyer you add in the needed delivery dates & quantities and the platform will ensure all parties are informed and reminded accordingly

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