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We've partnered up with top tier service providers to offer you a full service platform.

Some services are add ons available for all users, some services are part of a subscription – go to pricing to learn more

Credit insurance provided by Euler Hermes

Can you be 100% certain all of your customers will pay you? On time, every time? Uncertainty about getting paid can slow your business down, waste your time and can limit opportunities.

Currently only for danish users

Insured with just a click

Commoditrader has joined forces with the international insurance provider, Euler Hermes, and can now offer credit insurance with the click of a mouse. The partnership gives traders a unique opportunity to insure their account receivables when trading grains and feedstuffs on Commoditrader. A partnership that provides competitive pricing and efficient service to ensure safer and more convenient trading.

Market insights provided by AgroMarkets

Get help with trading at the right price and at the right time and base your trading on insights and analytics and not just gut feelings.

Keep up to date on market developments

Commodity trading is complex and it can be expensive to make mistakes. That’s why we recommend AgroMarkets as a strategic trading partner and are working to integrate our services for even better trading conditions for you. Behind AgroMarkets stands a number of experienced and impartial analysts who monitor financial and commodity markets worldwide on a daily basis and base their recommendations on globally recognised technical and fundamental analysis.

Future prices provided by Barchart

Follow all major exchanges’ price developments to make sure you know when to trade and why

Keep up to date on price developments

The price of the grain fluctuates widely with the futures markets, and it is very important to follow what is happening on both the European Matif stock exchange and the American Chicago Board Of Trade.

We collect data via Barchart so that you can easily get an overview of the price curves, both historically and on the individual trading days. It always gives a good idea of ​​the market to combine insights into both the physical market and the underlying futures markets to get the full overview of where the market is moving.

Freight Management

Get final price quotes on all listings on the platform and easily manage booking and planning freight both locally and across borders

Local providers ensuring reliable freight

We have partnered up with main providers in each active market to ensure you have access to competitive and reliable prices on freight.

The prices you see on the marketplace can be booked upon completing a transaction.


Levimob Logistic SRL

Ail Trans SRL

StefCris Rapid Tour SRL

SV Transport

Bulk Transport

Quality testing provided by Grainsense

Get instant insights into which fields have highest protein levels to know your sales price

A laboratory in the hands of every farmer

The Grainsense device allows you to collect a fast and accurate measure of your grain in just seconds, where ever you happen to be. This instant insight will allow for better trading capabilities in farmer to farmer trading – and can also be used for much more than trading. As a livestock producer you can now realise precision feeding to a much higher degree, and as a grain producer you can better plan your harvest based on the quality of the crop.

Commoditrader can offer our platform users a 1 year or half year rental agreement with Grainsense. Contact us for info & booking

Labtests by Eurofins

Get samples tested at well-recognized laboratory twice a year

Professional quality testing

It does make a difference who has sampled your crop, and which laboratory has performed the testing of the quality. We follow international standards for sampling and quality analysis, and sends your sample for testing at well-recognized laboratories. This way, you will have a valuable quality certificate at hand when you enter the market to sell your crop. This will give you an upper hand when negotiating both pricing and terms

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