Ensuring credit risk management - uncertainty about getting paid can slow your business down, waste your time and can limit opportunities

Insure your paymentrisk when selling

When confirming a bid as a seller on the platform you will be asked if you want to buy insurance. With just 2 clicks and at a price below 1% of the trade value, you can be sure to collect your payment if the counterparty faces bankruptcy.

Relax and feel assured fromsignature to payment

Throughout the period between signing the contract and paying the invoice – you are insured and can claim payment support from Euler Hermes with the click of a button. The process after claiming payment will be handled directly with an insurance professional from Euler Hermes.

Automatic pricing

Insurability & quote pricing is based on the counterparty and market risk

Credit is needed

Insurance is offered on trades where payment terms on the contract offers a credit

Time constrained

Insurance is offered on trades with delivery/collection within the next 180 days


Due to the pandemics’ market effects, the insurable levels has decreased, why less insurances are offered in this time

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If you enter their name in the message center, you will find them if they are on the platform.

Alternatively, you can find every user on the user map, if you are a premium subscriber.

Yep, either you contact them through their active listing on the marketplace, or you just search for them on the user map, and send them a message (you need to be a premium user to view the user map).

In the message center, you will find a small indication on whether your message has been read on the below right side of the message.

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