How does it work?

Trading commodities is not exactly a new thing – it has been optimized and developed throughout decades and it’s only about time to bring it online and seize the benefits of digital reach and efficiency. Scroll and see how easy it can be done.

Trading in 3 easy steps

1 Indicate your buy or sales needs by posting a listing on the marketplace.

2 Explore the marketplace on a map, or scroll through the matrix for price comparability. Found your match? Then bid on the listing.

3 Trade confirmed by both parties? Request a quote on freight directly on the platform.

Remember – invoicing is managed just as you are used to. When selling, you create an invoice and send to the buyer. When buying, simply pay the invoice you receive

Manage timing

Stay market aligned by time limiting your prices and bids. This way you won’t have to sell cheaper than the current market price – or buy more expensive.

Take control

You have the power of your own trades. Segment your prices to specific groups, or post it to the entire marketplace to expand your market as much as possible.

Fair terms

We recommend standard contracts like Gafta200. Choose the one you are most comfortable with – of course, you can always add special conditions.

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